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  • AIRPLAY 2 RECEIVER - Transform your stereo into an AirPlay 2-enabled speaker with WiiM Mini. Stream your favorite tunes from iOS and Mac devices or transmit TV audio from Apple TV. Elevate your audio experience by effortlessly connecting Apple devices to your preferred sound system. Upgrade to an AirPlay 2 receiver conveniently and affordably. KINDLY NOTE: This is a receiver-only device and does not transmit AirPlay 2 signals.
  • UNRIVALED SOUND QUALITY - Diverging from the norm of resampling to set sample rate and bit depth, WiiM Mini stands out by delivering unaltered audio up to 192kHz, 24-bit via its digital and analog outputs. That's the same as an artist's recording in the studio. Enjoy gapless playback with seamless track transitions. Note that not all services offer 24-bit/192 kHz content; Amazon Music Ultra HD, Qobuz, and personal libraries support it. Additionally, TIDAL Master supports up to 24-bit/96kHz.
  • SPOTIFY CONNECT, TIDAL CONNECT AND AMAZON MUSIC CAST - Stream music directly from Spotify, TIDAL or Amazon Music app using Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect or Alexa Cast. This offers superior audio quality and extended range compared to traditional Bluetooth or AirPlay 2 receivers, freeing your mobile device for other activities. Works for Spotify Free/Premium users, TIDAL's HiFi and Master, Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited.
  • WORKS WITH ALEXA AND SIRI - Experience the convenience of using WiiM Mini with both Alexa and Siri Voice Assistants. Control music, adjust volume, and manage playback seamlessly using voice commands from your phone, HomePod, or Echo. Integrate it effortlessly with your current smart home devices through either Alexa or Apple Home for enhanced smart living.
  • SEAMLESS MULTIROOM STREAMING - Experience the ultimate convenience of streaming music throughout your entire home with WiiM Mini. Enjoy seamless integration with a range of smart speakers, such as AirPlay 2, Amazon Alexa, and our exclusive multiroom feature. Effortlessly form groups with other AirPlay 2 or Alexa devices like Echo and HomePod, or connect multiple WiiM devices for synchronized playback across various audio devices simultaneously.
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WiiM Mini

Turn any audio gear smart

Simple to set up and use

Step 1

Plug in the WiiM Mini, connect to your stereo.

Step 2

Connect to your network with the WiiM Home App.

Step 3

Configure your device and play Hi-Res music.

AirPlay 2 Receiver

WiiM Mini turns your stereo into an AirPlay 2-enabled receiver. Stream your favorite music from your iOS and Mac devices or stream TV audio from Apple TV. Use Siri on your phone or HomePod to control music selection, volume, and playback. WiiM Mini is an easy and affordable way to connect your Apple devices to your favorite audio equipment at home. PLEASE NOTE: It's a receiver only device, can't transmit AirPlay 2.

Stream lossless audio wirelessly without audio cut

With built-in 2.4G and 5G WiFi, you can wirelessly stream up to 24-bit, 192 kHz lossless audio with bit-perfect output from the world's most popular music services, online radio stations, or your own content from your phone, PC, or NAS server. The working range is the same as your WiFi signal coverage, typically around 300 feet (100 meters), in contrast to the working range of a typical BT receiver, about 30 feet (10 meters).

All music in one App

It's more convenient than ever to control your music and device in one place. With the WiiM Home app, easily browse all your favorite music without jumping to other music apps. Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, TIDAL, TuneIn, Napster, Deezer, and Qobuz are all integrated into the WiiM Home app. You can also control the device EQ, set music alarms, and create personalized routines using the WiiM Home app.

Multiroom audio with flexibility

Easily build your multiroom sound system with AirPlay 2 speakers or Amazon Echo using WiFi streaming as the source. Using your existing audio devices, you can create a more flexible multiroom sound system with multiple WiiM Minis. WiiM Mini supports the multiroom from various audio source inputs, including WiFi, BT, or Aux input. Making it versatile with almost every music listening option.

Works with Alexa

Ask Alexa to control your WiiM Mini to play music, listen to the news, or your favorite podcast by setting it as the preferred speaker in the Alexa App. Group WiiM Mini with other Alexa devices for a wireless multiroom sound system. Automate WiiM Mini by creating routines in the Alexa App or with Alexa cast Amazon Music Ultra HD directly from the Amazon Music app to WiiM Mini.

Spotify Connect and TIDAL Connect

Use your Spotify or TIDAL app as your remote control for WiiM Mini and stream directly from these services. WiiM Mini provides higher audio quality and longer operational work range than traditional Bluetooth or AirPlay 2 receivers and frees your mobile device for other tasks. Spotify works for both Spotify Free and Premium users. TIDAL works for both HiFi and Master Quality.

Music Alarm and Sleep Timer

Use the WiiM Home App to help establish regular sleep habits by setting a wakeup alarm or creating a sleep timer with your favorite music, radio station, or podcast. Use the app to cater the volume and play time you prefer for better sleep and waking up refreshed.

Gapless playback

Precise gapless playback is essential to your listening experience. With precise gapless playback, playback timing is guaranteed to be identical to the source. WiiM Mini uses two decoders to remove extra samples at the beginning and end of each file and combines them. This works for all the supported music services and music on your phone or local network.

10-band graphic EQ and 26 preset EQ

Twenty-six preset EQ gives you various choices to meet your specific listening needs. The preset EQ includes EQ choices from music genres, bass/treble adjustment, loudness, movie, gaming or speech enhancement etc.You can also custom your own with the 10-band graphic EQ for your room or taste.

Premium Hi-Fi DAC

WiiM Mini features a high-precision, low-jitter Burr-Brown PCM5121 DAC and supports up to 384 kHz/32-bit audio with 106 dB SNR. With a much larger bandwidth and more reliable connection provided by dual-band Wi-Fi than Bluetooth, WiiM Mini is a true Hi-Res streaming DAC device.

WiiM Mini Review

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